What is Shopicano ?

Shopicano is an eCommerce framework built for future.

Why Shopicano ?

  • Shopicano provides you headless RESTful API. So you are open to integrate anything as you want, could be (PWA, SPA, Mobile apps, POS, IoT etc).
  • Shopicano default storefront is a decoupled SPA powered by VueJS. Your are open to customize it as per your requirements. No need to touch the backend.
  • Shopicano is completely written in Google’s Golang which provides powerfull and faster runtime environment even with low resources. As you know cloud hosting is expensive, so resource optimization is important to reduce cloud hosting cost.


  • Headless eCommerce platform
  • Custom storefront
  • API Driven
  • Multi vendor Support
  • VueJS based ready to use storefront
  • Mobile first responsive storefront design
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Commission model for sellers
  • Golang powered faster runtime
  • Paid Consultancy


Shopicano is distributed under MIT license. Though there is an enterprise version of it with more powerful features.


Shopicano is a product of Coders Garage, a software consultancy firm based in Bangladesh.

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